blog budget

Here's a page from our annual book at The Journey. You see stuff like budgets, giving numbers and graphs. It might seem like just numbers, but all of those numbers represent impact in peoples lives. Our budget at The Journey is set up for maximum impact and we try to give away more than 10% of what comes into our church. With the Back to School Back Pack Drive wrapping up, it's one more thing that we do to impact the community. This coming month as part of the Game Time series you will hear more about how we are helping make an impact in Kenya & Vegas too. We will actually have Joel from the House of Hope at The Journey in September! 

We want to have leave a legacy of making a difference in our community & in the world as well as a history an impact in lives of people who come to The Journey. So thanks to everyone who gives to The Journey because it takes real dollars to make the mission a reality. We've been talking about taking a next step in the Giving Process this summer. We've also talked about setting up our church finances for the future and a long history of impact. We sent out a letter about another $10,000 gift and how we can fund future impact. We want to keep taking steps to make Jesus the center of our lives as we live generously as individuals and as a church. Remember...we can live a blessed life when we live with open hands. God is the blesser who blesses us to be a blessing to others.