21 Days Of Prayers

We are in 21 Days of Prayer as a church leading up to Easter. Throughout this time we are praying for one specific group of people each day as it relates to the COVID19 crisis we are in. Today we are praying for our local, state and national leaders.

Heavenly Father today we pray for our government leaders.  We may be Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between but we lay those labels at the side and we pray for our country, we pray for our leaders no matter what party they are from.  We pray for wisdom, we pray for compassionate hearts, we pray for teamwork and clear direction.  We know there is an incredible weight with the decisions that are made whether here in our community, at the State level, and at the national level.  God, we pray that the right people will be in the room and that the decisions made will honor You and help bring healing to our nation.  We commit our leaders to you today, in Jesus' name, Amen.