We had a GREAT day at The Journey yesterday for Easter! Did you know over one thousand people joined us for services? HUGE thank you to all the great Journeyers who volunteered! BIG props to the bands & sound guys who played all three gatherings. Thanks to everyone who came early, parked far & sat near to make space for guests to have a great experience. Proud of you as you invited others to be a part.

So here's a couple follow-ups:
1. If you invited someone, thank you for investing and inviting! If they didn't come, look to invite again. If they did come, take some time this week to ask them what they thought and to invite them back. We'd love feedback too!
2. Share your stories from Easter. Maybe it's about someone who came, maybe it's a step that you need to take, or something that impacted you. You can leave a comment here, on facebook or email at
3. Where do you need a resurrection in your life? Take that next step! Not sure what to do next? We'd love to help you figure it out and encourage you along the way.


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