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Important Update About Our Services Modern Yellow Circles - Title

Last week we made an announcement about moving to our next phase. So starting on AUGUST 9 we will be hosting CHURCH ON THE LAWN. We have a lot of people at different comfort zones so this will be a next step as you can choose to participate in CHURCH ONLINE or CHURCH ON THE LAWN.

If you are planning to attend on-site there are a few details and policies you will need to be aware of before coming to church.


1) Our number one policy is to RESPECT OTHERS. We want The Journey to be a safe place on all levels for people to feel comfortable attending. Our survey showed that not everyone is at the same place of comfort with social interaction. In fact it was very split. So please be respectful of others and know that Sundays at church is not the place to share your opinions about masks or opinions on COVID. Let's be respectful and encouraging with each other.  This is one way we can "love one another" like the Bible calls us to live.

2) If you are not feeling well - fever, sore throat or just not feeling quite right - please stay home and participate with Church Online. 

3) When you show up there's a few policies for on-site services:

Safety Policies

Please space out when you are at church and maintain 6 feet of social distance. We know you might be excited to see some friends but please no handshakes or hugs. Masks are encouraged but optional since we are outside. We will have some volunteers and staff wearing masks. These are common guidelines everywhere right now and we will be in line with these policies.

We will also have hand sanitizer available and we will have a code to scan in order to get the song lyrics & next steps card. The cafe and Journey Kids classes will not be available at this time and the building will be closed except for emergency bathroom use. We will have one door open and manned by a host. We will allow one person per bathroom in the building at a time. 


CHURCH ON THE LAWN - Sunday, August 9
9:30 am at the Quarterline Site & 11:00 am at the Northside Site

Bring your own chair, coffee, or drink.
If the weather is an issue, we will host the Church Online experience only for that day. 
We will email and post on social media any cancelations to Church on the Lawn.

CHURCH ONLINE - Starting on August 9, we will broadcast Church Online at 9:30 am ONLY.  After that service is completed it will be available On Demand at whatever time is convenient for you.