We see the skinny person and we wonder why we struggle with our weight.
Then there's that couple who seem so happy and their life is perfect.
Our friends just bought a new car while I drive a piece of junk held together with duck tape and rubber bands.
How come I couldn't afford a vacation for Christmas break like everyone else?

We often make resolutions because we compare ourselves to other people. We want to be skinny like them, have money like them, or be happy and successful like them. While feelings like this are common, we need to BEWARE OF THE COMPARE.

The problem is we always see the best parts of people or at least more of the finished product of their lives. People don't broadcast the struggle. They don't post picture of their life when their bad. Only good things make it to their instagram or facebook page. It makes life seem unfair and impossible. It looks so easy for them while we feel life is always a struggle.

When we compare our lives to others, the problem is we don't see the hours at the gym. We don't see the years of saving or cutting costs to avoid or pay of debt. We don't see the hard conversation the happy couple had to make over the years. We don't see all the small steps, hard decisions and little things it took to get there.

This new year, don't focus on the giant tree to climb, the mountain to scale, the obstacle to conquer. Don't compare your life to others. It will leave you feeling like you CAN'T do it. Instead flip it to what you CAN do. Focus on the small decision or the small steps you CAN take this week, this month or this year. A series of small steps CAN grow into something big so we can accomplish the things we thought we CAN'T do.