We made this important announcement this past Sunday. We are very thankful & excited for a great month with the $10,000 challenge in July. It was a great turn around in our finances and we want to keep pushing towards our long term financial health to ensure maximium impact in & through our church. We want to make sure we have a long history with a legacy of generations along the lakeshore who have experienced relationships, not religion. We have a new challenge from another generous gift to help us move toward longevity. For every person that signs up to do automatic/recurring giving or increases their current auto-giving, this donor will give The Journey a $200 bonus. If 25 people sign up to do recurring giving, they will give a $5,000 check to The Journey. If 50 people sign up they will give a $10,000 check, etc. We are sending out a letter with all the details in the mail and you can also view it online here. You can set up auto-giving through your bank, by filling out this form through The Journey's bank or on your debit card through Secure Give on the donate page online, through the kiosk or the mobile app.




We want to keep taking steps in the giving process so we becoming a church and a group of people who live generously & experience our best life looking beyond ourselves. You can find more details about the giving process here.

Thanks for all who serve, giving, pray, and live out the mission to make The Journey a place where God working in and through us to help people experience relationships, not religion along lakeshore and beyond.