In the last weeks of this series, I shared some thoughts about flipping our finances (watch it here) and how it takes waiting and sacrifice. A small loss now can lead to big gains later. The challenge was not to just make a resolution like a wish upon a star, but to come up with an actual step you can take to start moving in the right direction. Like we said earlier in the series - Don't get overwhelmed & feel like I can't. Focus on what I can do....small steps/daily decisions in the right direction. If you're not sure about what steps to take, here's a few options from Dave Ramsey:


You can find more details and tools at his website. We also have a few options on our website.


Dave Ramsey has "Give" as Step 7, but we talked about how that is probably the most important step. More money will not solve your money problems. It really requires a change of heart. When we move towards living generously, it cause us to change our focus & priorities. Without that change of heart, it's hard to make the changes in our finances. Here's some more thoughts on to move towards living generously.