In this series, we've said that we can't keep doing the same things and expect different results. If you find yourself struggling financially or if you're buried in debt, here's a few steps to consider so you can start the new year off in the right direction. Remember: some small things can grow into something big. These small steps in the right directions are like seeds that can grow into some big.


1) Create a savings/emergency fund: Life is always filled with unexpected expenses. Cut some expenses for a limited time to create & build this fund. Cut your cable for a few months or reduce the number of times you eat out. Then you can shift that money into a savings account so you don't go into debt with these unexpected expenses. We take a small portion out of each check that automatically goes to a special account so we don't get used to living off that money.

2) Focus on paying off one credit card. If you can get rid of one card, shift the payment money to the next one. It's like a snow ball effect and you'll be surprised how fast you can start moving in the right direction. Here's a form to help you snow ball your debt.

3) Follow a budget. No one likes budgets, but they can be a helpful tool to guide and bring reality to our income and expenses. Here's some helpful forms. 

4) Be generous. If we can shift our perspective to blessing others, it begins to flip of perspective on how we spend money. Here's some more thoughts on this idea.

5) Financial Peace University: take the FPU class this winter at The Journey. The average person pays off more than $5000 in debt and saves up over $2000 in first year because of this class. You can find more details here.


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