21 Days Of Prayers

We are on Day 7 of 21 Days of Prayer leading up to Easter and praying for one specific thing or group as it relates to the Coronavirus crisis. Today we're praying for our local churches and church leaders who are trying to care for our community during this time.

Our church leaders are trying to care for their families, care for their church family and look for ways to reach out to the community during this time.  Many are solo pastors, many have smaller churches, or lots of elderly, many are worried about their personal finances or the finances of their staff team, but wanting to be generous to the community as well.  

Heavenly Father, we pray today as churches gather online that you will bless and mobilize the churches in our community for the good of the community.  God we pray especially today for the pastors and staff of our local churches.  Give them energy and strength.  Give them wisdom and grace.  Meet their needs as they look to meet the needs of others.  Protect them and their families.  Give them peace in the midst of lots of uncertainty.  May this time deepen their faith and their commitment to your church and your people.  May this crisis bring a new level of impact for your name in along the lakeshore.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.