21 Days Of Prayers

Today is Good Friday!  We remember the cross of Jesus and the sacrifice He paid for us to be healed, restored, forgiven.  Take time today and reflect on Jesus, be in awe of His sacrifice, and rest in His love for you.

We are in 21 Days of Prayer as a church leading up to Easter. Throughout this time we are praying for one specific group of people each day as it relates to the COVID19 crisis we are in. Today we are praying for the Scientists and Researchers who are working to create treatments, vaccines and understand this pandemic.

Heavenly Father, today, on this Good Friday we are grateful for your love for us - displayed through the cross of Jesus, through the sacrifice, the pain, the sorrow that we may be made right with you.  We praise you.  Today, as we continue to wrestle through this pandemic we lift up our Scientists and medical researchers who are working hard to bring healing and restoration to the American people and the world.  Bless their efforts, their research, their teamwork.  Grant them favor.  We pray for breakthroughs in their research and understanding of this virus.  I know they are tired, I know they are working hard, give them strength.  God thank you for giving people the minds to do this and understand.  God, we commit them to you and their efforts to you today.  In Jesus' name, Amen.