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As we consider coming together to expand our vision, we all need to respond. We’re looking for 100% participation because we all have a part to play and together we can make a bigger impact.

All In Respond

How do I Respond?

1) Reflect: Take time to consider your journey and how God has worked in your life. Reflect on your experience with God and how you have taken steps at The Journey. Think about your future, your kids, or your friends or family who don’t know God.
2) Pray: Ask God to work in and through your life. Ask Him to guide your response. Pray for guidance as you give, serve, invite and take steps with Him.
3) Join the team as we go ALL IN: Take a step to play your part in the mission. Take a step to live out the mission. Join a team at church. Volunteer to serve to experience God working in & through you. Give to the vision and take a step to live generously and invest in the future. Invite someone & bring them to church to explore God at The Journey.