1 CHURCH. 2 SITES:  Pontaluna Exit or Northside.
SUNDAYS AT 9:30 & 11:00 AM.


We aren't interested in just pretending to be religious. We want to be in a real relationship with God and we want people to take action - next steps - in their relationships. It's not about doing some random religious activities. We want to be on a continual journey to become people who experience their best life. It's about putting our past behind us and moving forward in life with God and keeping in step with Him to experience our best life. (Philippians 3:7-14, Galatians 5:14-25)



Relationships, not religion is really about steps in 3 key relationships. It begins with a relationship with Jesus and continues in steps to make Him the center of our hearts, souls & lives. That relationship is directly connected to our other relationships. We need to invest in people we know who are disconnected from Jesus to help them find their best life in a relationship with Him. We also need some key relationships with people who are connected with Jesus so we can help each other through life. It's not about just doing some religious activity but about God working in & through us. It's about who you are becoming in the process of those relationships. Our core essentials are the heart beat of who we want to be as a church and as individuals.

3 key relationships


When we take steps in these 3 key relationships, God begins to work in & through us and we will experience our best life. So what's your next step in these relationships? 
1) Keep taking steps to make Jesus the center of your life.
2) Do you have anyone you are investing in to help them experience God's hope, life & purpose?
3) Do you have anyone you are doing life with to encourage each other to keep taking next steps with Jesus?

We provide some specific opportunities at The Journey that are designed to help you take steps in these 3 Key Relationships. Find more details here.



If you need more details on how we can help you take next steps, contact us at admin@thejourneycc.com